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Software design and development. Analysis, sourcing the necessary hardware, code creation, implementation and beta testing.

The field of IT design and development is vast. Do you have clear ideas on how to improve your business, but you can't find any software products that suit them? Standard software is often not suitable for specific business and professional needs. Do you want to truly achieve digital transformation by optimising your processes and discovering new frontiers offered byIT and electronics? The answer is custom software development, created specifically for your needs.

Custom software design and development.

Data security, analysis of results, optimisation of business processes.

Development of custom software, with various types of language, starting from your need, implementing your ideas, solving complex problems. We can use new technologies and integrate into existing architectures with no issues.

Custom development allows you to focus on important professional tasks, allowing you to automate onerous and complex processes, ensuring ease of use, reduced work times and high stability.

Our software development services may include annual updates and support, as well as cost-effective management and installation on dedicated servers.



Business management, cost and revenue calculation, but also consumption and performance analysis systems. We create customised multipurpose and multi-device platforms to optimise business, accounting and management processes..

We also deal with the creation of web platforms with marketplaces, user management and e-learning features.


Fire control units, intrusion prevention systems, visitor access control, incoming and outgoing traffic control. The management and storage of collected data, encrypted incoming and outgoing communications.

These are just some of the projects that we deal with on a national scale in the field of security, creating monitoring and diagnostic software.

Our firm also deals with the implementation of hardware, assisting the company in choosing the best technology to use.


We create custom-made electronic boards with sensors to monitor machinery, for diagnostic and functional purposes within industrial processes.

Our software, communicating with the control boards, also allows you to manage processes remotely.

Our electronic control boards can be useful in various sectors such as robotics, automotive, motor drives, industrial automation, telecommunications, home automation and medical devices.


We create software used in medical and psychological therapies, to help in the treatment of disorders such as stress, depression and substance addiction. Our software leverages augmented reality hardware and provides feedback on the patient's psychological health.

Our custom software that makes use of augmented reality can be used in the industrial field forr simulations, remote interventions, teaching and staff training.

Augmented reality is also used in gaming and entertainment projects: we create video games integrated with visors, gloves and earphones for the multi-sensory experience.

Some software solutions and IT projects created by Restart38 IT engineering firm


For an important manufacturing multinational with plants all over the world, working in partnership with world leaders in the supply of automation and control systems, personalised management of incoming and outgoing transit of vehicles and persons in all plants has been achieved. A web application manages video streams and data collected through RFID TAG transducers, GPS TAGS, and badges. The system is complemented by a mobile application to allow visitors to register independently, avoiding waiting times and – above all – lightening the load of the concierge.


We have created various management systems on web applications, used for the management of cash flow and operational management control, entering income and expenses associated with various cost centres, producing budget and final reports. We have also created other complex systems to manage the detection of fuel supplies for those with private distribution pumps.


In collaboration with the world leader in the supply of automation and control systems, for various contexts with specific needs (branches of banks, airports, industrial plants), software for the centralisation of data detected by anti-intrusion and fire control units was created. All the units are certified, operate autonomously and have sensors that communicate using simple protocols. For the client company, our firm monitors the status of fire control units geolocated within the national territory.


We have created custom control boards for many customers. Specifically, we will make mention of two cases: a company that produces smart electric valves with Bluetooth technology and a company with steam ovens to regenerate frozen foods. In both cases, a control application has been implemented to read the data from the transducers and allow the valves to be opened/closed. In particular, a Bluetooth server was placed on the hardware, and secure application protocols were created on a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) channel.


We built a module to encrypt all communications over a local or geographic ethernet network, allowing secure communications between data collection and processing centres (EDGE) and the sensors.

Phases of software development


Our technicians analyse the problem to be solved, the software architectures in use and the hardware already adopted by the customer. During the design phase, all the functions and features of the software that will be created and how the collected data will be managed are outlined. The most appropriate technologies are chosen, and the hardware necessary for implementation is purchased.


All graphical interfaces are designed and developed by our industry experts while maintaining maximum usability for the end user, especially in the case of multi-device projects.


Before release, all functions, performance and any critical issues of the software are tested by our expert staff. Lastly, an important aspect is to be able to guarantee fast and personalised assistance, also using remote connections so as never to impede productivity and operation.

Custom development and software optimisation

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