Web Marketing

Make your services and products known by a large and highly targeted audience.

Web marketing services are aimed at every company, trade activity or professional who desire to expand their circle of customers internationally.

There are numerous channels to choose from to convey your advertisements, which can be evaluated in relation to the type of product, service offered and audience that you want to reach.

Retail, catering, hotels, professional firms, services, private schools

Thanks to the variety of channels where digital advertising takes place, web marketing is a service suitable for every sector, even for non-profits and public bodies.

Before proceeding with the launch of a web marketing strategy, you must provide your company with a solid online presence. How? First of all, by creating or optimising the company website and adopting a specific image and communication, which will subsequently be used on all advertising channels.


What can we offer you?

Getting started: consultancy

Analysis of the company's business objectives, the current sales channels adopted and the current graphic communication of the company.

This analysis leads to a proposal for action to achieve the objectives set. This proposal provides for the adaptation, creation or restyling of the tools necessary for the development of the web marketing strategy.

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Adaptation of web resources

Restyling of the company image, adaptation of the company website and activation of the chosen social media.

  • add_circle_outline Creation (or restyling) of the company website with a news area.
  • add_circle_outline Improvement of the positioning of the website on the main search engines, including the analysis and modification of the texts present (SEO).
  • add_circle_outline Creating or editing the Google My Business page and integrating Google Analytics.
  • add_circle_outline Creation or modification of social profiles best suited to the business objectives.
  • add_circle_outline Optional: setting up direct email marketing platform.
  • add_circle_outline Optional: creation of an e-commerce platform for online sales. Turnkey package.

Web marketing actions

  • add_circle_outline Creating landing pages (for specific objectives):
    web pages created specifically as a starting point for online campaigns. They are thematic pages, focused on a specific objective (customer contact collection, new product presentation, invitation to an industry fair, promotions, etc.).
  • add_circle_outline Social media management:
    creation of posts and graphic content on the chosen social media.
  • add_circle_outline Social media marketing:
    creation of Facebook/Instagram campaigns;
    creation and maintenance of a Facebook window with a link to the website (in the case of e-commerce sites).
  • add_circle_outline Email marketing:
    newsletter creation – (Direct Email Marketing) monthly or on-demand service to spotlight new products, promotions and invitations to events and fairs.
  • add_circle_outline AdWords and AdSense campaigns (recurring or ongoing):
    position the company website in relation to specific keywords searched on Google by potential customers;
    make the website or landing page accessible through banners strategically positioned on third-party sites (display advertising).